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2021’s Top 5 Episodes of Art Unbound

Art Unbound has been the Portland Art Museum and Northwest Film Center’s official podcast since March 2019. Originally launched as The Portland Art Museum Podcast, Art Unbound not only celebrates creative community members of Portland and its surrounding areas, but also those from around the world. 2021 has been a huge year for the podcast, starting with a number of episodes created with generous grant funding from FRAME, which also helped us advertise Art Unbound in new and effective ways.

But that’s just the beginning. 2021 has given us the chance to release exciting podcast episodes featuring artists, educators, activists, and experts and we are so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen. Here are the top 5 episodes of Art Unbound released in 2021.

5. Working Outside Your Walls: Navigating Museum Learning & Community During a Pandemic

PAM’s Director of Learning and Community Partnerships, Stephanie Parrish, has a chat with Heather Nielsen, her counterpart at the Denver Art Museum, about the current state of museum education.

4. Everything Was Quiet and Everything Was Boards: A Numberz FM Interview with Emma Berger

This episode, produced by our friends at The Numberz FM, features an interview with Emma Berger – an artist and activist who created a shockwave of activist art during the Summer of 2020 when she painted a portrait of George Floyd on the boards surrounding the downtown Apple Store.

3. Playing With Fire: in Conversation with Virgil Ortiz

Curator of Native American Art, Kathleen Ash-Milby, is joined by John P. Lukavic, her counterpart at the Denver Art Museum, in an interview with ceramic artist and fashion designer Virgil Ortiz. Virgil uses his platform to break boundaries and inspire awe, which makes it no surprise that this episode was the third-most listened-to episode released in 2021. It also happens to be our fifth-most listened-to episode ever.

2. Ansel Adams: In Our Time

Julia Dolan, the Minor White Curator of Photograhy, breaks down the Ansel Adams: In Our Time exhibition with Karen Haas, MFA Boston’s Lane Senior Curator of Photographs and originating curator of the exhibition. Julia and Karen go way back. In fact, they recount Ansel Adams exhibitions of the past that they both worked on back in Boston.

1. Awkward Questions for Kara Cooney

Without question, our most popular episode of Art Unbound all-around is our most recent episode. Jeannie Kenmotsu, the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Asian Art, is joined by the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Sara Krajewski, and the aforementioned Stephanie Parrish to ask some awkward questions to “recovering Egyptologist”, Kara Cooney. This extremely candid conversation covers topics from exhibiting funerary objects to the state of museums in general and Dr. Cooney does not hold back.

We look forward to bringing you more episodes of Art Unbound in 2022, so don’t forget to subscribe on your preferred podcast app. And if you use Apple Podcasts or Spotify, please rate and review the show. It’s a great way for new listeners to find the show.