A Wonderful Gift from a Wonderful Team

This week was very special at our Museum. Not only did we celebrate the institution’s 129th anniversary, but today I was surprised by a wonderful gift from members of our facilities team—individuals who have gone above and beyond in securing, maintaining, and ultimately rescuing our Museum from the multiple crises we have faced over the past two years. They gifted me an exquisite Indian Kurta Pajama, which traces its roots to Central Asian nomadic tunics of the early medieval era. I am forever grateful to Kenya Benassi, Luljeta Berisha, Selatin Hoxha, Xhyzida Hoxha, George Kozhokaru, Dominga Hernandez Sierra, Kul Subba, Kumari Subba, Mina Vitrakoti, Mitch Welliver, and Jeremiah Wyatt (and all the others not pictured here) for this gift.  

But most importantly, I am deeply thankful for our dedicated facilities team and their tireless efforts in keeping our Museum beautiful and safe. They reminded me that although we are an institution tasked with preserving, securing, and sharing 3,000 years of humankind’s creativity, we are ultimately a place defined by the people who make it all work. 

With gratitude,

Brian Ferriso