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Art & Conversation: Distance Learning in the Arts with PHAME

Tuesday, January 19 at 10 a.m.

via a live Zoom Webinar and Facebook Livestream

Panel Participants

Rob Smith, Director of Community Engagement
Jenny Stadler, Executive Director
Tim Mair, PHAME student and staff member
Crystal Kralian, PHAME student

We are excited to kick off this year’s Art and Conversation programming in a dialogue with staff and students from PHAME. PHAME is a fine and performing arts academy serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. PHAME is built upon the belief that art is for everyone, and that our community is stronger when it champions opportunities for all. Reflecting on the shifts of 2020, this conversation dives into both the challenges and benefits of distance learning within arts education and the ways in which PHAME educators and students worked together to unearth a rich learning experience and create new art.