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Bury the Hatchet Walk-through

This Virtual Walk-Through of Bury the Hatchet: Prayer For My P’ah-Be is narrated by Kathleen Ash-Milby, the Curator of Native American Art, and artist John Hitchcock.

This multisensory installation was created by Comanche and Kiowa artist John Hitchcock, who combines his interests in printmaking, rock ‘n’ roll, and his family’s tribal history in a retelling of the narrative of the American frontier. Dedicated to his p’ah-be (brother) Jason Cutnose (Kiowa) and his maternal grandmother Peggy Joy “Pohoxicut” Reid (Comanche), Bury the Hatchet explores issues of assimilation, acculturation, and indoctrination. Using visual expression, oral history and music, Hitchcock interrogates historic and modern institutions and challenges the viewer to question their understanding of historical narratives about the West.

Raised on Comanche tribal lands in the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma, near Medicine Park and U.S. Army Fort Sill, Hitchcock is an artist, professor of art, and associate dean of arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He conceived of this installation while working as an artist-in-residence at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, in 2017.

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Music: “Parallel Trees” by The Stolen Sea
Exhibition photography by Ben Cort
Exhibition video by Jon Richardson

Listen to the album, Bury the Hatchet