Cinema Unbound Heroes: Amanda Needham

Amanda Needham makes folks look good on screen. Like really good. And it has not gone unnoticed—she’s a two-time Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer. She has a way of putting characters in clothing that so completely suits them and brings them to life—that her costumes become fashion trends and fodder for the media. 

Amanda managed to grow her career, finish Portlandia, style Baskets AND Shrill while giving birth to two little girls back to back—and folks, that is some straight up badassery right there. She is admired and beloved on every set that’s lucky enough to get her talent on board.

She’s honored in this moment because day by day, stitch by stitch, she reshapes the mold of what’s possible in fashion. She uses her vast skills to flip the script by putting all kinds of bodies in gorgeous fashion that stares down the validity of limiting cultural norms (that cannot die quickly enough) about who can wear what and when—and she makes sure they look as damn good as they please doing it. 

Her work has helped to legitimize and make the Portland design community look good. We’re thankful that she is using her talents right here, right now, to do good too.