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Daily Art Moment: Dyani White Hawk

This week we debuted a daily art moment from the Portland Art Museum curators on Instagram and Facebook. Follow along as we share works from the collection that our curators have selected as a personal response to these unprecedented times.

Image description: Straight-on view of a red dentalium shell dress abstracted as a flat plane of color with intricate linework for beading.

“This print is from a portfolio dedicated to the role of caretaking by Native Women. Right now we need to be reminded of the importance of nurturing in all our lives. We nurture when we care for the sick or the soul, for ourselves or for our community. Dyani White Hawk’s bold designs, inspired by Plains-style women’s dentalium dresses, are a tribute to the power of these qualities.”⠀

Kathleen Ash-Milby,
Curator of Native American Art

“Through acts of creation, nurturing, leadership, love, and protection carried out in infinite forms, our grandmothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, nieces, and friends collectively care for our communities. As a suite, these works speak to the importance of kinship roles and tribal structures that emphasize the necessity of extended family, tribal and communal ties as meaningful and significant relationships necessary for the rearing of healthy and happy individuals and communities.”⠀

Dyani White Hawk, Artist