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Fresh Films LGBT Pride

Selections from Fresh Film Northwest—the Northwest Film Center’s annual survey of teen-made films—made by and about young people in the LGBTQ communities of the Pacific Northwest.

Renton, WA
Filmmaker: Long Tran /// Independent (Documentary)
The body you were born into versus the body you feel.
What I Would Say
Portland, OR
Filmmaker: Zulema Young-Toledo /// Independent (Narrative)
True feelings are revealed in hypothetical terms.
(Heart Award winner)
Living Honestly
Seattle, WA
Filmmakers: PJ Hase and Skala Lease /// Ballard High School (Documentary)
What it’s like to come out to families and friends.
Clipped Wings
Seattle, WA
Filmmakers: Leo Pfeofer, Duncan Gowdy, Coleman Anderson /// Ballard High School (Documentary)
On the journey to Eagle Scout, discrimination gets in the way.
(Heart Award winner)
The Rainbow Family
Filmmakers: Haley Huckins, Kailey Miller /// Documentary
A daughter’s story of her two-mother family.