New Ways of Seeing: Diamantino

From Morgen Ruff, Exhibition Program Manager & Programmer
A sui generis gems from the 2019 Portland International Film Festival.

Directors: Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt, Portugal/France
Streaming on the Criterion Channel (offers a free trial; also available for rent through various services)

This unclassifiable film follows the world’s biggest football (soccer) star, the titular Diamantino after he loses his famous goal-scoring touch during the World Cup final. Directors Abrantes and Schmidt tap into deep wells of creativity from this relatively simple premise, throwing all sorts of challenges their star’s way as he spirals out of control, including undercover agents, shadowy right-wing fringe groups, genetic modification, and much more. Carloto Cotta stars in a genius turn as the bumbling Diamantino, an oblivious anti-hero for our precarious times.