New Ways of Seeing: Grand Bizarre

From Ben Popp, Filmmaker Services Manager

Grand Bizarre
Director: Jodi Mack, U.S. – 13
Available on MUBI (get a free three-month trial with link)

Filmmaker Jodi Mack’s travelogue film utilizes the animation concept known as “Replacement Animation” in which at every frame, or every other, depending on motive, a new image is put in front of the camera to create a visual smorgasbord of colors and patterns. Traveling to over 15 countries over a period of five years, collecting fabrics and in many cases photographing them via her process in the locations they were found, Mack has created an abstract documentary of the many anonymous hands that have sewed, woven, and stitched their culture’s identity into vibrant textiles. As Mack “weaves” the finds into animation, she accompanies the film with a soundtrack made up entirely from her own incredibly imaginative mind. If you happen to live in a legalized state, pop a gummy, sit back and enjoy this psychedelic journey.