New Ways of Seeing: I, Apostate 

From Ben Popp, Filmmaker Services Manager
I, Apostate 

Director: Jeremy Moss
Available for free on the filmmaker’s Vimeo Page

Filmmaker Jeremy Moss was born and raised in Utah under the religious umbrella of Mormonism. Now living in Pennsylvania where he teaches film at Franklin & Marshall College, Moss created an experimental documentary tracing his family’s own path of indoctrination, coming full circle with his personal decision to leave the Church. Shot on 16mm film, hand processed and hand-tinted, staged scenes of Mormon pioneers are interwoven with abandoned structures and natural imagery from the various countries Moss’s family immigrated from after converting in the 1800s. Allowing one to contemplate time and rationale, as his family’s story unfolds through title cards, Moss also transports us to Brazil where the 17-year old was sent as a Missionary and re-visits an older woman who left her Catholicism to join the Mormon Church because of him. “Time will pass us all by” she wisely tells him and so too will these moments we find ourselves in. Be sure to check out more of Jeremy’s short film work on his Vimeo page.