New Ways of Seeing: Jessica Forever

From Morgen Ruff, Exhibition Program Manager & Programmer
sui generis gem from the 2019 Portland International Film Festival, which would make a great double feature with Diamantino.

Jessica Forever
Director: Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel, France
Streaming on Shudder (offers free trial)

Deeply influenced by contemporary video game aesthetics, Poggi & Vinel fashion a hyper-stylized blast of pure cinema set in a dystopian near-future world that looks uncannily like our own in the time of COVID-19 quarantine (see: empty streets, depopulated malls, etc.). On the run from the techno-fascistic authorities, which take the form of pitch-black drones mounted with all manner of automatic weaponry, quasi-prophet and leader Jessica (Aomi Muyock) leads a vicious yet sensitive pack of “lost boys,” each with their own unique skill set, against the looming threat of world takeover—seeking nothing but peace and a life free of violence.