New Ways of Seeing: Kinshasa Now

From Amy Dotson, NWFC Director, and PAM Curator, Film & New Media

Kinshasa Now 
Directed by Marc-Henri Wajnberg
Kinshasa Now is screening as part of the Venice VR Expanded

Kinshasa Now transports you to the streets of the Congo, placing you alongside 35,000 other children who find themselves cast out of their homes after being accused of witchcraft. Fourteen-year-old Mika finds himself in this terrifying predicament overnight — but as a viewer, you are by his side, helping him make decisions. As the story unfolds, choices are presented to the viewer to help him face his new life – does he turn to religion or fend for himself? Where does he eat and sleep? When he is injured, should he get help? Who should he trust? This piece, the latest from Wajnbrosse Productions, is featured in the Venice VR Expanded program (currently hosted here as the U.S. delegate at the Portland Art Museum).

This haunting piece allows you to walk side by side with Mika and understand the difficult and often life-threatening choices a young man must make to stay safe and stay true to himself. Like a grown-up Choose Your Own Adventure novel come to life, this haunting, immersive documentary is the future of storytelling by allowing audiences not just to see the world through another person’s eyes, but to transport us into their world and truly be present.

Tap the link below to watch Kinshasa Now online without a VR headset.