New Ways of Seeing: The Benefits of Gusbandry

From Ben Popp, Head of Artist Services, NWFC

The Benefits of Gusbandry
Director: Alicia J Rose, U.S. Seasons 1&2
Available on Amazon Prime

Let yourself fondly remember the days of pre-social distance partying through the lens of Portland filmmaker and musician Alicia J. Rose’s comedic series The Benefits of Gusbandry. At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, Jackie, (Brooke Totman, MadTV) meets the younger River (Kurt Conroyd, Wild & Lean on Pete) who appears to be just the man Jackie is looking for—until she finds out his interests in sex lay elsewhere. This does not stop them however from becoming thick as thieves. Over the course of two seasons, Jackie and River find themselves stuck in the bathroom of an A-gay soiree stoned on edibles, hunkered down in the glory holes of a sex shop, flashing back to their high school “gateway gay” experiences, and so much more as they tramp through the streets of Portland looking for love. Reminiscent of episodic comedies such as Kath and Kim, and Absolutely Fabulous, this series co-written by comedic powerhouse Courtenay Hameister and produced by Lara Cuddy is a fantastic way to spend some time forgetting about the now and looking forward to the day of being less than six feet apart.