New Ways of Seeing: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes 

From Morgen Ruff, Exhibition Program Manager & Programmer

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes 
dir. Brett Story
Canada/US, 2016
Available on Amazon Prime

During this time of crisis, it’s important to remember the millions of incarcerated individuals in the US, confined to tiny cells or placed in tightly-packed prison populations with little/no access to the sanitary infrastructure that’s crucial to keeping this pandemic contained. In fact, as of April 1, Rikers Island in New York has the highest per capita rate of COVID-19 infections (by far) in the country. Story’s film has always been essential viewing, detailing the place of the prison in American society—all the unseen ways mass incarceration is just beneath the surface of our daily lives. The Film Center screened this exceptional work over a weekend in early 2017, cut short by an ice storm that stopped the city in its tracks. As we’re stopped again, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with one of the great documentaries of the last decade.