New Ways of Seeing – Tilda Swinton Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award Winner 2020

From Amy Dotson, NWFC Director and PAM Curator, Film & New Media

Sometimes, it’s not about the work. It’s about the culmination of all you do, about what those around you do that inspire, make you take pause, make you re-evaluate all you knew and thought you knew. It’s about being creative on a continuum. My true north for many years has been Tilda Swinton, a person, actress, creative spirit and curator who defies expectation and denies personally and professionally anything that feels constricting, limiting or less than inclusive. Tilda Swinton’s Golden Lion acceptance speech at Venice encapsulates in less than 5 minutes everything that she stands for – and everything that we as a creative beacon and community should embrace. As a fellow ‘punk kid film nut’, I want to amplify and double down as we go into fall her rally cry, as it will keep me going. I hope it will inspire you as well to keep the importance of cinema unbound in your heart and reflect on how this art form can connect us when we feel hopeless, when the path is not clear and need a reminder that there are others out there fighting to spread more love. ‘Cinema cinema cinema. Wakanda Forever. Nothing but love.’

—Amy Dotson, Director, Northwest Film Center and Curator, Film and New Media