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Podcast—Write What You Know: an Interview with Author & Storyteller Charles Yu

Charles Yu is a reformed attorney whose passion for creative writing landed him a job in the writers’ room at HBO’s Westworld. That snowballed into more and more television writing jobs. But after the 2016 Presidential Election, Yu was compelled to begin a more personal writing project, the novel Interior Chinatown, a book written in screenplay format that follows an Asian-American actor with bigger aspirations than the stereotyped bit roles he often landed.

Join Amy Dotson, the Director of the Northwest Film Center, in a conversation with Yu that took place not even 24 hours after he won the National Book Award in Fiction for Interior Chinatown, which will soon be adapted by Yu for a new Hulu series. This interview was conducted virtually during one of the Film Center’s regular Zoom Happy Hours on November 20, 2020.

This program was a partnership with Literary Arts, as part of their 2020 Portland Book Festival.

Featured in this episode:

Amy Dotson — Director, Northwest Film Center
Charles Yu — Author & Screenwriter

Mentioned in this episode:

Produced by Jon Richardson
Music by Mark Orton

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