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Poster Project: Corita Kent

As National Poetry Month wraps up, we’re celebrating the “joyous revolutionary” Corita Kent—an artist, teacher, and advocate for social justice who gained international fame in the 1960s for her vibrant screenprints. Kent responded to the world around her by repurposing signs, images, and slogans as art. In this print, she lifts a slogan from Dash dishwashing soap ads (“Somebody had to break the rules”) and lovingly recreates a Robert Frost poem.

Have you created art with words or letters before? Type or write out poems or passages from books that you love. Cut out headlines and phrases from newspapers or magazines. Glue the typed words and newspaper/magazine clippings onto a piece of paper on cardboard. Use construction paper, markers, or pencils to add color. Play with inverting the text (as Kent does here) or forming shapes with words and letters. What new phrases, poems, and images do you create?

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The Poster Project is supported by the PGE Foundation.