Spectral Transmissions: Holiday Ghost Stories

Spectral Transmissions returns with another collection of sonic spirits and multimedia uncanny.

Spectral Transmissions is an audio broadcast and multimedia tribute to 1930s/1940s radio shows. Our holiday edition of Ghost Stories and Winter Tales brings you haunted video games, mid-western ghost towns, postcolonial time travel, bad landlords, boyhood out-of-body experiences, photographs of children’s dreams, a Nina Hagen – Kate Bush homage, and more.

Contributors include Robin Amer – the senior producer of audio features at The Washington Post and creator of The City Podcast; Internationally acclaimed collaborative photographer Wendy Ewald; Anthony Hecht Prize-winning poet James Davis; and award-winning filmmakers Courtney Stephens and Rodrigo Reyes. We also have music from musician and arranger Kelly Pratt; visual art from Nelson Lowry, Rumi Koshino and Scott Daniel Ellison; dance from Shannon Stewart and Adam Sekular; and fiction and non-fiction from Sara and Howard Jaffe; Emily Chenoweth; Donal Mosher; Danny Grody; Colter Jacobsen; and Steven Sheil and Jeanie Finlay. Topping it all off we have a mystery guest or two and a special ghost song recommendations from a variety of musicians, filmmakers, artists, and writers.

Produced and Directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher Music composed and performed by Michael Palmieri with additional music by Kelly Pratt, Donal Mosher, Mudboy, Black Forest/Black Sea Presented in association with The Portland Art Museum and The Collaboratory of The Northwest Film Center.

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Suggested for folks 14 years of age and up. Parental discretion advised.

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