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Daily Art Moment: Shirley Gittelsohn

Shirley Gittelsohn’s Family Portrait is featured in the current exhibition, Portraiture from the Collection of Northwest Art. The painting depicts her adult children, the family pets, her relaxed husband, herself, and their Cannon Beach gathering place. I’ve been drawn to different details of this piece over time, most recently focusing on Gittelsohn’s self-portrait. She is…  Read more

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Daily Art Moment: Adam Sorensen

I was deep in my love for Frederic Church when I painted Tabernacle, and the sky is a direct homage to Twilight in the Wilderness (@clevelandmuseumofart). It was the idea of the heroic painter romanticizing the American West that intrigued me, both sincerely and with a sense of humor. All the embellishing and drama really…  Read more