Cinema Unbound: 22 Stories in 2022 That Pushed the Boundaries of What’s Possible

PAM CUT Director Amy Dotson reflects on her favorite stories of the past year that underscore our interconnectedness. These 2022 films, series, animated magnum opuses—and yes, there’s even two good ol’ fashioned cinematically wild books thrown in there—really captured the spirit of where we are right now, no longer content to be contained by one…  Read more

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PAM CUT Announces 2022 Sustainability Labs Fellows

PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow’s unique Sustainability Labs returns this year with a new slate of multi-disciplinary, mid-career artists working at the intersection of art, technology and storytelling.  The Sustainability Labs focuses on U.S.-based creators, artists, directors, and producers looking to change their personal models of creative, financial, and business sustainability. The…  Read more