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Write Around PAM: Shaun Peterson

Ravens hold special significance and symbolism in many cultures and traditions, and especially in the Coast Salish peoples of the Pacific Northwest, as seen here in Shaun Peterson’s Circling Ravens II. These birds are woven into art, into storytelling, into deep personal and cultural connections. Peterson, whose Native name is Qwalsius, uses the phrase “traditional…  Read more

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Daily Art Moment: David Emitt Adams

“As long as people have been in the American West, they have found its barren desert landscapes to be ideal for dumping detritus. Today, the notion of land untouched by humans is so foreign it might as well be make-believe. For pieces in the series Conversations With History, I collect discarded metal objects from massive…  Read more

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Daily Art Moment: Marcel Dzama

“I draw during the day, but my ideas come at night.” —Marcel Dzama Just before PAM closed temporarily, our team installed this large new acquisition by Marcel Dzama and not many people have had the chance to see it yet. We look forward to sharing this surreal life-size diorama with you soon! On the Banks…  Read more

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Brushstrokes Walk-Through Video

This giant outdoor sculpture is not only an inspiring pop of color, but it is one of the artworks that’s free to view whether or not the Museum is open. Narrated by Sara Krajewski, the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Curator Of Modern and Contemporary Art, this video explores the history behind Roy Lichtenstein’s series of…  Read more