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Poster Project: Carrie Mae Weems

This week’s Poster Project highlight celebrates the birthday of photographer Carrie Mae Weems, born in Portland on April 20, 1953, and the subject of a 2013 Portland Art Museum exhibition. In this image from the Kitchen Table series, Weems creates a dramatic stage—a small room with a table and a single overhead light—to explore the dynamics of domestic relationships. For this series, she cast herself as the central character and shot the photographs in her own kitchen.

What meaningful experiences are you having during these days spent at home? Photograph a reenactment of one of those experiences. Use yourself, your family, housemates, or pets as models. Tell the story in a paragraph that accompanies the image. How does re-creating the experience change your understanding of it? @portlandartmuseum

The Poster Project is supported by the PGE Foundation.