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Though There Be Fury on the Waves Walk-through

Due to the temporary Coronavirus-related closure of the Portland Art Museum, Though There Be Fury on the Waves: Victor Jorgensen at Sea 1943 1945 was only open to the public for a few hours. This Virtual Walk-Through, narrated by Julia Dolan, the Minor White Curator of Photography, features detail shots and exhibition photography.

To see a full set of the photographs in this exhibition, visit

“I want to acknowledge that the subject matter of these photographs, battles during World War II, injuries during World War II, among other images might be difficult for some folks in particular right now when we are at a period in our world that is unlike any other. If you don’t feel comfortable looking at this material right now, that’s okay. You can come back to it at another time. What I do find very interesting, however, is as we talk more about this pandemic, a number of our elders both in our own Portland Community and throughout the world, sometimes are using World War II as a touchstone in terms of the ways that an entire globe full of people can go through something together and how no matter how difficult it is, we learn to rely on one another in different ways. So I have been approaching these amazing, if sometimes difficult, photographs with that in mind.”

Julia Dolan, Ph.D., the Minor White Curator of Photography

Exhibition photos by Ben Cort.