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Write Around PAM: Pierre Bonnard

As the current Private Lives exhibition makes clear, the Nabis artists loved depicting children. Not only were they part of the artists’ intimate family circles, but children also offered an example of how to view the world with a fresh perspective. Drawing inspiration from Pierre Bonnard’s Family Scene, we invite you to write from the perspective of your younger self, or the young people in your life, and consider the question, how do children experience the world?

We have two prompts to help you get started.  Choose one, both, or write whatever else comes. Set a timer for 15 minutes and just keep your pen or pencil moving.

My earliest memory… / When I was 3 (or 5 or 12, etc)…

Discover the many, delightful babies and children of the Nabis artists when you visit Private Lives: Home and Family in the Art of the Nabis, Paris, 1889–1900.

Writing in community is powerful. We are grateful to our longtime partner Write Around Portland for the writing prompts and inspiration. You can revisit past Sunday posts and look for continuing weekly posts through the year. Please share your work with us!  @writearoundpdx @portlandartmuseum #RespectWritingCommunity #WriteAroundPAM