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Write Around PAM: Isaka Shamsud-Din

Art is a rich source of inspiration for our own writing, which in turn invites us deeper into our own stories and the stories of those around us. We invite you to write with us today using this exercise inspired by Isaka Shamsud-Din’s “Hare, Lion and Spider.” Before or after you write, take some time to learn about Shamsud-Din’s life and art.⠀

First, imagine someone you know really well, doing something they do every day (cooking, working, playing, learning, visiting with friends, etc). Think about all the steps involved, imagining you are there with them, and try to write about the experience with as much detail as possible. Then, add in something extraordinary, just for fun!

We have some prompts to help you get started. You can choose one, both or follow your own adventure. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just keep the pen moving.

There’s no one quite like… / They always…

Writing in community is powerful. We are grateful to our longtime partner Write Around Portland for the writing prompts and inspiration. You can revisit past posts and look for ongoing posts on Sundays throughout the summer. Please share your work with us! @writearoundpdx @portlandartmuseum #RespectWritingCommunity#WriteAroundPAM

Isaka Shamsud-Din (American, born 1940). Hare, Lion and Spider, 1967. Oil on canvas. Museum Purchase: Helen Thurston Ayer Fund, 85.39 © Isaac Shamsud-Din