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Write Around PAM: Katherine Bradford

As we officially welcome spring and the bounty of beauty it offers, we are also reminded to pause, to reflect, and to honor all that has happened since spring last arrived, and to make space for all that is yet to come. This piece by Katherine Bradford feels like a perfect companion to this time of honoring and of budding. Bradford often portrays swimmers and people gathered outdoors. She evokes the wonder and mystery of communal rituals that we hope to experience again not too far off in the future. Sit with this painting for a bit and see what comes up for you in your writing. Learn more about Bradford’s work from this conversation with PAM Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Sara Krajewski.

We have two prompts to help you get started. As always, you can choose one, both, or write whatever else comes. Set a timer for 15 mins and just keep your pen or pencil moving.

Today I honor… / In the moonlight…

Writing in community is powerful. We are grateful to our longtime partner Write Around Portland for the writing prompts and inspiration. You can revisit past Sunday posts and look for continuing weekly posts through the spring. Please share your work with us! @writearoundpdx @portlandartmuseum #RespectWritingCommunity #WriteAroundPAM 

Katherine Bradford, Ritual, 2017, acrylic on canvas, Museum Purchase: Funds provided by Victor Platt, © Katherine Bradford, 2018.18.1